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Copper Sell Short Trade

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Successful copper short trade this morning in the Advanz managed account program. Market selection was based on all three Nextreme indicators pointing to aggressive distribution. Alpha models used was both the RQ-Channel 7 breakdown into Zone 2 and the Einstein auto system. Joe Rios

Bond Trade with Risk Sentiment

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At 11:00 am Risk was clearly coming into the OFF territory but the indices were already too far in Bull Zone passed R2, so I concentrated on the 30 Y Bond and place my sell stop at the RQC 7 right below Bear Zone 1 which provided an attractive entry.I set my stop loss at $300 and my profit target at $200, The […]

Market Metrics – Correlation Analysis and Asset Class Relationships

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Market environment is frequently characterized by herding behavior. The global markets are linked today with each other like never in the past because of globalization due to technological advances. Most traders and investors use a single market analysis approach when investing or trading in the financial markets. For example, a stock trader will look at […]

Live Trade 2-25-2013

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[one_half first] [/one_half] [one_half] Attached is a fresh trade done today Monday 2-25 based on Joe’s recommendation using a 30 min chart with a Bear Z1 RQC 7 short entry. I am still only using mini lot of 25,000 and I will until next week if my trades are 70/30 winning trades then I will […]