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The Week Ahead – Event Driven Trading by Joe Rios

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China’s first-quarter GDP disappointed falling short of market expectations, sending the Australian Dollar lower by -1.86%, the largest one-day decline so far this year. The two economies are closely correlated as Australia’s natural resources is exported to China in times of high demand. Crude Oil gained 5.4% and Gold rose 4.8% as the outperforming asset […]

The Week Ahead – Event Driven Trading in the Energy Markets

The Trading Room

The out performers this week in the commodity markets was led by natural gas rising 4.9%,  gold 1.9%  and silver 1.9%. US thirty year bonds led the risk-off category gaining almost 1%. In the currency markets the British pound gained 0.7%  the Swiss franc 0.6% while the Japanese yen dropped 1.4%. The March US employment […]