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The Week Ahead – Volatility is Back! by Joe Rios

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  As expected, volatility kicked in high gear following the FOMC press conference last Wednesday. The US 10 Year Note dropped -2.6% pushing interest rate yield higher. As mentioned in prior reports and RiosQuant webinar events, higher yields can have a strong impact in the currency market. The US Dollar reacted by rallying 2.2% while […]

The Week Ahead – Correlations Within the Financial Markets by Joe Rios

The Trading Room

  The Bond market continued to dominate the financial markets with astute traders focusing on the interest rate movements. The Currency markets reacted with the Japanese Yen climbing 3.3% and the US Dollar dropping -2.1%. In the commodity market Crude Oil gained 4.7% while Natural Gas lost -4%. The week was busy with economic data […]