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Name: Jose Aroso

Home town: Porto, Portugal

Job Title: Loss Assessor

Trading since: 2003

Preferred markets to trade: Since I am in the same time zone as London, I trade Forex in the morning (my morning) and S&P 500, Nasdaq and Bonds in the afternoon (morning in the US).

Favorite approach to trading: I follow GnosTick RELIGIOUSLY on the Forex.

Main strategy utilized: In the Nasdaq I play a “opening push” because they push the market up on the opening even in down days. Works 80% of the time. I make only 3 to 5 points but it is with 4 ctc.

Last trade: The “opening push” today. 19th March. Loss 

Most memorable trade: One day I made a mistake with my Platform. Was in the S&P 500 (the big contract) with 4 contracts and thought that was in the emini contract size. Went to answer the phone and when came back I was 4600 Dollars UP!! Dinner out!

Biggest Challenge: To have enough time to dedicate to trading.

Primary ambition: Being able to make a living with the profits from trading. Only

RiosQuant member since: 2011