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Online Training Workshop – Think better Trade smarter  Repeat for profit

Learn a simple method to take profit from the markets while controlling risk .  Gain knowledge with the basic yet powerful GnosTICK  indicator with forward looking algorithms.

Now you can throw away all the extra monitors you have on your trading system, it’s time to Simplify. Join RQ performance coach Steve Schwartz and Learn how to apply this innovative trading technology in today’s markets. This is an entirely new approach to trading that may revolutionize the way you’ll view the markets.  

Tuesday March 20th beginning at 4:30 pm ET

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This is what you will be learning in the RQ-EDU Workshop:

  • What to look for in high probability trade set ups
  • Recognize market behavior instantly
  • Pinpoint optimal buy & sell orders ahead of the move
  • When to walk away and NOT trade