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Trump Era Trading: Get Ready for 2018

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The unique logic that drive the algorithms of iNewton make it the ideal automated system to trade the current Trump era markets. The quantitative model identifies market sentiment shifts including Risk-ON, Risk-OFF, Crowded Trade Effect and the Carry Trade. 
Hi everyone,
I want to give you special access to the 2018 update to the iNewton automated trading system for you to trade on your computer, absolutely free for a limited time.  iNewton is our most advanced and sophisticated quantitative trading system, incorporating several different strategies into one powerful system by including:
  • Velocity algorithms
  • Intermarket correlation analytics 
  • Risk sentiment filter
  • Day trading and swing trading capabilities 
  • Multi asset class instruments
  • Overnight range filter (new)
The new enhancement utilizes an overnight range filter, improving some of the multiple instruments iNewton trades. Click here for the current performance summary.  Your free trial will also include training sessions that will cover velocity trading, intermarket correlation relationships and strategy building principles. First training class begins this week.
Seating is limited, so reserve your spot now, click on the following link:
See you in class!
Joe Rios  –  Rios Quantitative LLC