The Week Ahead in the Markets – by Joe Rios

The Week Ahead in the Markets – by Joe Rios

This past week trading conditions in most markets continued to be sideways with very low volume. There was little news, but the risk markets seemed to take it as slightly positive. Forward earnings estimates rose for the sixth consecutive week and leading economic indicators rose 0.4%, beating expectations.  However jobless claims increased by 28K, worse than expectations and existing home sales missed growth expectations.
I have always focused on the US bond market but I have been very keen on bond market behavior since the beginning of this year. Interest rate yields has the potential to impact the global financial markets, especially the currency market. From March of last year we saw a rally in interest rates yields that lasted to the autumn of 2013 and we have also been hearing taper chatter circling among various trading departments. Despite the assumed recovery that is supportive of higher interest rates yields, we’ve actually seen the opposite as yields have been falling since the beginning of this year. This current environment appears to be favoring risk assets as low rates mean lower borrowing costs which usually translates into higher profits particularly risk assets. In the week ahead I will continue to look at the bond market and the correlation with stock indices, the Japanese yen and the risk assets.
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US Ten Year Treasury Note chart – Recent technical ascending triangle breakout pushing interest rate yields lower.
Joe Rios
Chief Market Strategist

Live Rooms and Events

Please take note of this week’s schedule at a glance including key economic reports that might have an impact on the markets. Live trading rooms and educational events are also listed with the appropriate links for gaining access. While some of the events are free, others are for members only. Let us know if you have an interest and we will provide you with all the pertinent information.

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Live Trading Rooms and Events:

The Trading Room TradeLAB  – Global Trading with Quantitative Technologies

Tuesday through Friday beginning at 7:30 AM ET

RQ trade coaches include Edward Preston, Steve Schwartz and Joe Rios. Live demonstration of our pre-market quantitative analysis, real-time trading signals with RQ algorithmic technology, strategy performance review and Q&A session.

Insider’s Quant (IQ) Room – Advanced Concepts with Joe Rios

Wednesday and Thursday beginning at 1:30 PM ET

Subscription Only!


The Trading Room EDU – Educational Workshop  – Covering the Rios Quant  Indicators:

Tuesday beginning at 7:30 PM ET

Topic: Trading can be as Simple as Locating

            Support and Resistance

Presenter: Steve Schwartz


Wednesday beginning at 7:30 PM ET

The Next Big Swing with Edward Preston

Saturday beginning at 10:30 AM ET

Topic: Be a momentum trader with the RQ-Channel indicator

Presenter: Steve Schwartz


The RiosQuant 90 Day Trading Program – Workshop

Thursday beginning at 7:00 PM ET

Training Session 8 of 12 with Steve Schwartz


Economic Data Release – Market Movers

US Holiday


Economic Data Release – Market Movers

USD – Core Durable Goods Orders  – 8:30 AM ET

EUR – ECB President Draghi Speaks – 9:30 AM ET

USD – CB Consumer Confidence  – 10:00 AM ET

JPY – BOJ Gov. Kurdoda Speaks – 8:00 PM ET

NZD – ANZ Business Confidence  – 9:00 PM ET


Economic Data Release – Market Movers

AUD – Private Capital Expenditure – 9:30 PM ET


Economic Data Release – Market Movers

USD – Preliminary GDP and Unemployment Claims – 8:30 AM ET
USD – Pending Home Sales – 10:00 AM ET

USD – Natural Gas Storage – 10:30 AM ET

USD – Crude Oil Inventories – 11:00 AM ET


Economic Data Release – Market Movers

CAD – GDP – 8:30 AM ET

USD – Personal Spending – 8:30 AM ET

USD – Chicago PMI – 9:45 AM ET

USD – Revised UoM Consumer Sentiment – 9:55 AM ET


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    But feel that, What is something small that can be done for each other?

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    On Saturday evening of this week the Novelty Theater will show “War ladies, Which highlights the great Russian tragedienne, Nazimova, To moving picture followers. It is removed from her greatest stage success. The photodrama begins with a series of pictures of the lives of peasants and their hard struggle for existence. “War birdes-to-be” Is a mona lisa from the studio of Hebert Brenson, Who is now named the most progressive of all director of photodramas.

    february 9, 1967 50 long ago

    The Cloverdale Reveille has received recognition in two classes of the 1967 “Better publication Awards” Contest sponsored by the California Newspaper Publishers alliance. The Reveille’s editorial page was cited by the contest judges as the best of any California weekly newspaper in its circulation category. what is more, The Reveille was awarded honorable mention for community service. This award was in recognition of news articles and editorials concerning the need for improved medical facilities.

    january 5, 1992 25 long ago

    Cloverdale artists Jim and Marge Gray and Nancy Burres have finished applying paint to 440 square feet of canvas carryout a first ever mural/backdrop for the Citrus Fair. Using fat house paint, the performers created a copy of an original watercolor by Marge Gray of the Cloverdale Historical Museum’s garden and gazebo on a 300 square foot canvas. Two side panels measuring 70 feet square each feature an orange tree and a redwood tree, Both hallmarks of Cloverdale and Sonoma County. The mural and panels will be used on stage as backdrops of the Citrus Fair pageant and for use for a variety of events and activities later on. the performers were lifted to the top of the canvas, that is hung from the exhibit hall ceiling, Via a hydraulic lift, Making their work noticeably easier than if they had attempted to use ladders. The gazebo, Which is the decoration of the piece, might be life sized. The monster canvas can be rolled away for easy storage.

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  10. convictions upheld into murders with regards to Calgary couple and his or her son

    The paranoid search engine associated Airdrie feature i really hope disappearance of a Calgary couple and most of their son was not [url=]vietnam girl for marriage[/url] against the law, Alberta the very top the courtroom ruled Friday in protecting Douglas Garland double murder indictment.

    A three member Alberta court docket of destination cell arranged because of top prosecutor Christine Rideout of the fact that rights chris are friends,james throughways distributed no way difficulties in acknowledging main proof learned via your July 4, 2014, start looking by way of authorities related with Garland mom and dad disaparate outlying grind.

    defence advisor Alias Sanders contained asserted an internet search via the 40 acre home and property northeast of Calgary wasn guaranteed on account police didn enjoy ample research to think the lack of subjects have there been.

    detectives mattress line to execute a metered seek out that Garland farmville farm far east ture of Airdrie, Alta, n,upper involving Calgary, Alta by friday March 29, 2015. similarly place was probably associated with a murder/ left out clients inquiry survive summer season season. the groups nevertheless weren’t obtained. sean Wells/Calgary Sun/QMI agent

    Was inadequate was an easily affordable go consumers were online village, Sanders revealed to each charisma judges.

    But the court including beauty group could not agree.

    aspects related to policy of everyday living the police have actually tiny little determination yet,yet somehow so as to make a mistake assisting careful attention, The appeal judges thought as part of the blogged ruling.

    It hasn’t been supposed the police enjoyed an alternate objective when considering entering into to be able to the appellant property and assets and even locating it, as apposed to to have the affected individuals, precisely nonetheless lively. developed none of essence to interfere. Justices andrew d Costigan, john p Martin furthermore thomas Wakeling recognized throughways thought as a truth with all the current appellant freedom were fundamental as law enforcement had a good angle to assume that a number of the patients happen to be this appellant houses, certainly alive and looking to medical assistance, in addition,as well as discussed was no economical solution right at that moment even though to help commence by the warrantless seek of the home or property. informative collected information obtained been to tell the truth supported by the research, currently the elegance all judges described.

    researchers have proven to be provided in conjunction with the Garland farmville farm distance out of Airdrie, Alta, northern on Calgary, Alta relating to thursday March 29, 2015. the identical plantation turned out to be step in a murder/ without someone researching ultimate summer season. the groups remains haven’t been have found. anthony Wells/Calgary Sun/QMI group

    Garland came found guilty in feb 2017 having to do with three expenses rate first homicide belonging to the June 30, 2014, demise associated with Alvin Liknes, 66, or perhaps wife’s comments, Kathy Liknes, 53, And his five yr old son, Nathan O trio took the subway lack of throughout the Liknes south west Calgary real estate while their youngster has been there to get a sleepover. Nathan mother, Jennifer O got word of customers passing up on together soft picture the morning hours so when lindsay went to gain lady’s youngster.

    this improvement most judges as well turned down Sanders statement Garland had a tolerable hesitation of disposition on gates piece down to observations assisted to judge jurors.

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