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From the Desk of Joe Rios

Is volatility knocking at the door? Natural Gas continued to be the attention grabber during last week’s trading sessions with an impressive -25% drop. In the Forex market the US Dollar lost ground to most currencies. Soybeans led commodities posting a 4% gain. Stock indices closed the week strong with the Russell 2000 gaining 1.2%, Dow Jones Industrial Average 1.5%, S&P 500 1.4% and Nasdaq 1.0%. However I am taking notice that many of the stocks that led the recent rally in February closed the week with significant losses. Friday was the last day of the month, therefore perhaps it was “window dressing” related activities from the mutual funds and professional money managers. It might have been simple profit-taking or maybe something deeper that may still be under the surface. In the week ahead I will pay special attention to the stock market’s internal dynamics to determine whether it was due to month end profit-taking or the start of a new trend. I will also pay attention to further developments in the escalating conflict involving Russia and Ukraine. Rotation flows from emerging markets may also help to assess risk ON – OFF sentiment from a global perspective. The upcoming economic calendar can also add volatility to an already busy week.

The markets seem ready for aggressive price action, will you be ready? It will prove prudent to be prepared. Make sure you have your play book well thought out and remember, discipline should be at the core, from beginning to end.

Joe Rios
Chief Market Strategist

Live Rooms and Events
Please take note of this week’s schedule at a glance including key economic reports that might have an impact on the markets. Live trading rooms and educational events are also listed with the appropriate links for gaining access. While some of the events are free, others are for members only. Let us know if you have an interest and we will provide you with all the pertinent information.

Contact Information for your Support Needs:
Amber Little, RQ Client Relations Manager
skype: alittlemobile
cellphone: 415.336.7272

Live Trading Rooms and Events:

The Trading Room TradeLAB – Global Trading with Quantitative Technologies
Monday through Friday beginning at 7:30 AM ET
RQ trade coaches include Edward Preston, Steve Schwartz and Joe Rios. Live demonstration of our pre-market quantitative analysis, real-time trading signals with RQ algorithmic technology, strategy performance review and Q&A session.

Rios Quant Trading Room en Español
Monday through Friday beginning at 7:30 AM ET
Únete a nuestro coach de trading, Xavier Carrero mientras lo guía por el sistema de trading algorítmico Rios Quant en un entorno de mercado en tiempo real. Él va a utilizar la tecnología de trading cuantitativo desarrollada por el Jefe de Estrategias, Joe Ríos. Xavier lo guiará por los mercados utilizando el único sistema de su tipo en el planeta.

Insider’s Quant (IQ) Room – Advanced Concepts with Joe Rios
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday beginning at 1:30 PM ET
Subscription Only!

The Trading Room EDU – Educational Workshop Covering the Rios Quant Trading Indicators
Tuesday beginning at 8:00 PM ET
Topic: What are the Benefits of Quant Trading?

The Trading Room EDU – Educational Workshop Covering the Rios Quant Trading Indicators
Wednesday beginning at 7:00 PM ET
Topic: Trailing Stops

Economic Data Release – Market Movers
GBP – Manufacturing PMI – 4:30 AM ET
USD – Personal Spending – 8:30 AM ET
EUR – ECB President Draghi Speaks – 9:00 AM ET
USD – ISM Manufacturing PMI – 10:00 AM ET
AUD – Building Approvals – 7:30 PM ET
AUD – RBA Rate Statement – 10:30 PM ET

The Trading Room TradeLAB
Beginning at 7:30 AM ET

Insider’s Quant (IQ) Room – Advanced Concepts with Joe Rios
Beginning at 1:30 PM ET

Economic Data Release – Market Movers
GBP – Construction PMI – 4:30 AM ET
AUD – GDP – 7:30 PM ET

The Trading Room TradeLAB
Beginning at 7:30 AM ET

Insider’s Quant (IQ) Room – Advanced Concepts with Joe Rios
Beginning at 1:30 PM ET

The Trading Room EDU – Educational Workshop Covering the Rios Quant Trading Indicators
Beginning at 8:00 PM ET
Topic: What are the Benefits of Quant Trading?

Economic Data Release – Market Movers
GBP – Services PMI – 4:30 AM ET
USD – ADP Non-Farm Employment Change – 8:15 AM ET
CAD – BOC Rate Statement – 10:00 AM ET
USD – ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI – 10:00 AM ET
USD – Crude Oil Inventories – 10:30 AM ET
USD – Beige Book – 2:00 PM ET
AUD – Retail Sales and Trade Balance – 7:30 PM ET

The Trading Room TradeLAB
Beginning at 7:30 AM ET

Insider’s Quant (IQ) Room – Advanced Concepts with Joe Rios
Beginning at 1:30 PM ET

The Trading Room EDU – Educational Workshop Covering the Rios Quant Trading Indicators
Beginning at 7:00 PM ET
Topic: Trailing Stops

Economic Data Release – Market Movers
GBP – Official Bank Rate – 7:00 AM ET
EUR – Minimum Bid Rate – 7:45 AM ET
USD – FOMC Member Dudley Speaks – 8:15 AM ET
CAD – Building Permits – 8:30 PM ET
EUR – ECB Press Conference – 8:30 AM ET
USD – Unemployment Claims – 8:30 AM ET
USD – Natural Gas Storage – 10:30 AM ET
AUD – RBA Gov. Stevens Speaks – 5:30 PM ET

The Trading Room TradeLAB
Beginning at 7:30 AM ET

Economic Data Release – Market Movers
CAD – Unemployment Rate – 8:30 AM ET
USD – Non-Farm Employment Change – 8:30 AM ET

The Trading Room TradeLAB
Beginning at 7:30 AM ET


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    Still, L Brands said sales of regularly priced merchandise rose at Victoria’s Secret, whose clearance discounts were not as aggressive as a year earlier. The company expects its overall July same-store sales to rise in a low-single digit range.

  478. Another service? nutristat for dogs walmart Democrats look to have fended off any major changes to President Barack Obama’s signature health law, something that could fuel resistance, particularly by conservative Republicans in the House of Representatives who had insisted on delaying “Obamacare” as a condition of continued government funding.