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Forget everything you’ve ever heard about trading. It’s time to rethink strategy, gain new knowledge and access innovative algorithms.

What You Get

Spot On is simple and easy to use. As a member you receive instant actionable trade alerts for stocks and option plays. You also get access to our trading experts in our live trading room and meetup sessions designed to teach you new methods to trade stocks and options. You also get to access our private research and analysis portal, containing key insights into institutional activity in the markets so you trade alongside and not against them.

Spot On performance since inception 10/22/2020 - 1/8/2021

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We have the wisdom and experience to help. This is your written invitation, what are you waiting for?

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Why Go With Spot On

Rethink Strategy

The trading environment has drastically changed since the Covid-19 pandemic. Investment and trading themes are changing at a record pace, what might have worked a couple weeks ago may no longer provide returns, confusing even veteran investors. Our strategy is forward looking, using basic principles of physics. The result has been a unique yet powerful way to uncover early swing trading opportunities with potentially explosive moves for both stocks and options. The head strategist behind Spot On has over 30 years’ experience, collecting multiple industry awards throughout his career.

New Knowledge

Every week, you can join the trading experts behind Spot On via The Insiders' Quant Room, our virtual live trading room and meetup sessions. You will engage with our team of experts who will introduce new trade ideas, review recent trades, analyze the current market environment and answer your questions live during market hours. It is an amazing opportunity to learn from Wall Street insiders and options experts. The Insider’s Quant Room is included with your membership.

Innovative Algorithms

Spot On is powered by Rios Quantitative LLC, an industry leader in quantitative and algorithmic trading technology. Fast data mining is key in order to quickly identify stocks poised for explosive price movements. We are experiencing new dynamics in the markets; a new type of retail trader has emerged. As a group they are becoming powerful, communicating in real-time via chat rooms such as Reddit. Our algorithms are automated to spot momentum in the markets, whether it’s derived from the new retail group of traders or traditional institutional activity.

Spot On performance since inception 10/22/2020 - 1/8/2021

All closed trades for the first week of January 2021.

Total Return 108.7%

To find out if we’re a good fit, click the button below and book your free strategy call with us today.

About Rios Quantitative LLC

The RiosQuant team is led by Joe Garcia-Rios, a 30-year Wall Street insider recognized worldwide as an innovator and developer of trading strategies and automated systems. He has worked for some of the industry's largest firms such as Prudential Securities, Citibank and Salomon Smith Barney. While at Pru he was a portfolio manager for the Quantum Portfolio Management program. An investment management program that utilized highly disciplined quantitative models incorporating extensive fundamental, technical and statistical analysis. He has received several industry awards and recognition from large financial institutions including Franklin Templeton Group and Oppenheimer Funds. He has been awarded the Trade Titan award for 8 consecutive years, placing him in the top 1%. Joe also use his free time traveling and using reddit.

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What professionals have to say!

In 2007, I had a first hand, inside look at the Rios genius in forecasting when he stunned us with his insight into the short on housing and run in crude oil. And pardon the pun, Joe was spot on the money.
Les Evens, Author and Speaker
International Business Analyst
Toronto, Ontario
Joe Garcia-Rios is one of very few trading industry veterans surviving every market cycle during the most volatile period in history of markets. A true pioneer…
Patrick Dyess, Fund Manager
Dyess & Company Capital Markets
New York, New York

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