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New 12 Week Quant Trading Course

Are You Just “Winging It?”

“Improvising?” Practicing “hope and pray” trading? Or do you have a clear-cut plan to actually profit from your trading?

If you’re “winging it,” don’t feel bad…you are not alone. Most great traders were first bad traders. If  “winging it” just doesn’t cut it anymore, you have come to the right place.

Now For The Good News…

Any astute trader will be quick to point out that, “it’s not how much you can profit from a trade, but how consistent you can take profits while controlling risk“.

I happen to agree. And fortunately, the systems I built not only allow struggling traders to become successful, they were developed to also dramatically increase your trading efficiency while reducing stress. In other words, I’ll show you how to actually keep more profits from your trading.

Until very recently, these methods, checklists, “cheat sheets” and standard trading procedures were mine and my teams alone.

They were locked in our “vault,” and unless you worked on my institutional trade desk, or a member of my Insiders Quant group that I personally mentor, you never saw them.

They were our secret formula…

…Our Mystery Code

But recently we made a very bold move at Rios Quantitative LLC.

We decided to take literally all of our methods, algorithms and checklists..

… everything…

and open source them to other traders and trading professionals.


We call it the RiosQuant Insider’s 12 Week Master Program

As an RQ Insider trainee, you get to see everything… the good, the bad and the ugly.

That’s right, not just what works in today’s market but just as important what doesn’t work.


Here is a quick peek into the program that’s already waiting for you…


Week 1 –  The Cornerstone And The Four Pillars To The Program

Week 2 –  How The Markets Really Work, Including The Institutional-Driven Traffic Map

Week 3 –  The Secret To Market Selection, Timing The Explosive Moves

Week 4 –  Customizing The Trading Strategy To Fit Your Personality

Week 5 –  The Hidden Truth About Profit Targets And Stop Losses

Week 6 –  The RiosQuant 7 Point Trading Plan

Week 7 –  How To Think Better And Trade Smarter

Week 8 –  When To Pause, Reassess And Move Forward

Week 9  – How To Become Your Own Rain Maker

Week 10 – Becoming Proficient With Quantitative Tools

Week 11 – Forecasting Methods And Techniques

Week 12 – Creating Your Personal Playbook

Weekly “What’s Working Now” LIVE Trainings

As an RQ Insider trainee, you also get to “drop in” on our internal “What’s Working Now” meetings where members of the Insider’s Quant Room share what’s hot and what’s working for our traders and members. It’s like you’re sitting in our headquarters’ strategy room in Coral Gables, FL…

eavesdropping on everything we say. In the past, these virtual “meetups” were for members only, but as a part of “open-sourcing” our trading formula, I’ve decided to let the RQ Insider Trainees attend these sessions as well. Not only will you get the latest trading ideas, you’ll also have a chance to ask questions to me, my team, or anyone else who dropped by that week.


Model What Works…

“If you want to achieve success, all you need to do is find a way to model those who have already succeeded”.

– Tony Robbins

Unlike most trading courses, with us you will receive real hands-on training, not theories with common found hypothetical rear view mirror teaching method ….

Great surprise, right? It’s what sets us apart, you will have direct access to our live virtual trading. You will see and experience every single step necessary… from identifying market behavior, to detecting high-probability trade entries, exits and all the rules.

The Last Training You Will Ever Need

Two years ago I was trading with no confidence, no real profits, not even a real plan, not because I didn’t have one but because I had not found the appropriate…Today I see myself as a real trader, I have developed my own trade plan based on RiosQuant plan… I can only say thanks to Joe, Edward, Steve, Ken, Amber, Javier, Agustin, Jose and the rest of the team of this great group of friends and mentors. I can affirm that there is nothing like this on this market full of scammers. this guys worth every penny!!!”

– Jorge D., Colombia

“My story is the age old troubled trader problem: no patience, not focusing on one trading style, spending too much money on trading systems with little or no support.  Rios indicators give solid trading direction (which forces the patience one needs to make higher probability trades), and amazing support by folks who are all traders themselves, not a salesman who’s only job is to push you to buy more.  It’s like joining a club of people who want you to succeed in trading, first and foremost.  A rarity these days.”

– Derek, Tokyo

“I thought you would be interested to know that using RQ Tech I turned what had been a poor to mediocre morning into a $730.00 profitable trading day. It is a marvelous tool – please let Joe know how much I value this tool.”

– Len S., Illinois


“No matter how often I sit in on your wonderful trade labs, never fail to pick up on new insight and new understanding. Just great Steve. Thanks so much!”

– R.G.,  Hawaii


If All This Did Was…

Finally get you to understand how the markets really work… Would it be worth it?

Give you the kick in the butt to get you trading with discipline…Would it be worth it?

Provide you with the necessary steps and rules to become profitable… Would it be worth it?

Invest in yourself and take advantage of our limited time offer.