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THE NEXT BIG TRADE: will you be ready?

Tonight July 23rd at 7:30 pm ET! 

During yesterday’s live trading room RiosQuant performance coach EP Preston took a small loss of $150 followed by a larger $325 profitable trade per contract in Silver using the GnosTICK Technology. A classic trade for GnosTICK traders taking the profit target exit at the first GnosLevel support level. Learn the techniques to identify markets poised for powerful moves and how to identify favorable risk vs. reward trade set ups. Join us tonight and learn how to trade the RiosQuant method from a trader that has been consistently trading the method for over 7 years. During this educational online class you will learn:

  1.  Breakdown review for the recent trades executed in our live The Trading Room TradeLAB.
  2. Techniques to spot  trading opportunities in stocks, bonds, commodity and forex markets.
  3. How to use the power of the GnosTICK for predicative price mapping.
  4. Share your questions with EP and get the answers that you seek from a professional quant trader.
Tonight July 23rd at 7:30 pm ET!