Protect Your Portfolio: a two part special training event for active investors

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The RQ Stocks, ETF’s and Options division is running a special event designed to help investors protect their portfolios in the event of a significant correction in the markets. Based on technical and geopolitical observations, we believe a financial storm may be brewing and have designed a training session to help you protect your stock portfolio.

Session 1, Monday April 14th, 8 PM EDT
Overview of the strategy
Understanding the risk involved with asset ownership
A brief discussion of Call and Put options including their associated rights and obligations
Visualizing the risk of a financial position
Utilizing Put options as a form of “insurance” for your stock positions
Utilizing Call options to pay for the “insurance”

Session 2, Tuesday April 15th, 8 PM EDT
Set up a “dynamic hedge”
Basic monthly adjustments
Learn how to make “intra-month” adjustments to your position
Order placement for rolling your hedge up or down
Using Index options to hedge a portfolio
Creating a hedge for your limited access retirement accounts

The two-day event will deliver invaluable information helping you cast a safety net around your portfolio holdings. Don’t get caught up in the panic of an economic downturn that may not happen tomorrow but many of the experts agree will happen! Be proactive and learn how to protect your portfolio.
The training session will be recorded and sent to all attendees giving you the opportunity to review and apply these great protection concepts.

As a bonus, we are offering a one-month subscription to our popular Stocks, ETF’s and Options TradeLAB to all attendees.

Please contact Ken Eriksen for information, pricing and availability.

Have a great day!

Joe Contes and Ken Eriksen
C – 650.683.0051
Skype: kmetrade