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If you are seeking to improve your performance…

Are you just winging it? Improvising? Practicing hope and pray trading? Or do you have a clear-cut plan to actually profit from your trading efforts.
If you are seeking to improve your performance, ask yourself these five questions:
1. Are my indicators leading or lagging the markets?
2. Do I know how much risk I am really taking before I put on a trade?
3. Do I understand why the Commodity market often trades in opposite direction of Bonds and/or the Dollar?
4. Is Risk-ON and Risk-OFF trading environments clouding my judgment?
5. Am I willing to change my way of thinking in order to improve my probability of being profitable?If you answered any of questions 1-4 with a no…. but answered question No. 5 with a big yes, then we have a solution that deserves your attention. Join us this week for our special insiders two-part webinar series on Wednesday, August 12th & Friday August 14th, starting each day at 12:30 pm ET.

Topics of discussion will include:
Wednesday – Strategies for Success
^ How to anticipate market reversals.
^ How to take advantage of trader psychology.
^ Which asset classes lead and which ones lag.
^ How automated trading may fit your personality.
Friday – What’s Working in Today’s Market Environment
^ Rotation flows and correlations update.
^ Which markets are setting up for next week.
^ Institutional trading activity and the opportunities ahead.
Rios Quantitative LLC  founder Joe Rios will be presenting, he is a 26 year Wall Street insider and recognized pioneer in automated trading systems.