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Options Trading – Is it really Greek?

While learning to trade options, have you ever said… It’s all Greek to me!
If you have, this FREE webinar is definitely for you.
Does it feel like a Master’s Degree in mathematics is required to get your arms around the complexities of Option Greeks? If you are like most people, the Greeks can be challenging and they often intimidate traders. 
If you are trying to understand the Greeks for the first time, or could benefit from a review, this event delivers key information on Delta from an expert in the world of options trading.
Joe Contes teaches two ways to view the Greeks – complex or simple. As in all of Joe’s teachings, simple wins over complex every time and his approach to teaching the Greeks is exactly that… simple and efficient.
We have a special FREE presentation planned for you on Thursday, May 15th at 9 pm ET

Join us and be among like-minded traders that understand the importance of taking the right educational steps for improved consistency in trading results with options trading.

Here is the event link. Register Early to Save your Spot!
Cheers! The RQ Options Team