Live Trade 2-25-2013

[one_half first]
Attached is a fresh trade done today Monday 2-25 based on Joe’s recommendation using a 30 min chart with a Bear Z1 RQC 7 short entry. I am still only using mini lot of 25,000 and I will until next week if my trades are 70/30 winning trades then I will move to 50,000 lots. I had another great Bond trade that netted me 10 ticks where my entry short was confirmed by Einstein.




Thanks for the education, you have taught me not to be a “trigger happy gun slinger” and that makes a big difference. I don’t feel that I have to be in every trade anymore, before placing a trade I hear voices… “look left on the chart” “Risk on or risk off” “check the Bond and Note” “Look at the RQ Navigator” “Is it a leader or laggard” … etc by the time I am done some trades have come and gone but it is a good thing because they were not really sound trades to begin. But when the conditions are all together then I am confident that the trade will work and so far they do.