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Ranked Top 2% Again!

Hot off the press! We are ranked in the top 2% as “Trading Titans” –  AGAIN!

Joe here from Rios Quantitative and I am proud to announce that The Trading Room® TradeLAB has been ranked in the top 2% for two consecutive years. The study was conducted by Dr. Dean Handley, a renowned expert in evaluating futures trading rooms. Here is his criteria for evaluating and ranking the top rooms:

“Futures trade rooms that are truthful, transparent and profitable meet my strict selection criteria and I call them Trade Titans. I have 3 rules of all rooms/sites:

Rule 1:  if a room does not have a track record then no interest: move on (you just eliminated 583 rooms).

Rule 2: if they have a track record, see if they make $50K on 3 contracts per trade; if not then move on (41 more rooms down, unless you like making less profits).

Rule 3: if they meet Rule 1  & 2, then they must show their trades in real time.  If they hide their trades from you, fire them and move on.”

 – Dean A. Handley, PhD, MBA, JD


At Rios Quantitative we pride ourselves in helping our members regardless of their current skill-set or size of their trading accounts. No one is ever ignored and you will find our staff to be friendly, patient and caring. In fact, all of our staff were members first and truly understand how it feels to be in your shoes! Join us for a two week free trial and find out if our method of trading is right for you. We start at 7:30 am and finish at 10:30 am ET Monday thru Friday.

Gaining access is easy, just click on the following link and register:  


Register early so you don’t miss out, space is limited.

See you in the room!

Joe Rios

Founder – Rios Quantitative LLC