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Inside the Minds of Quant Traders – Meetup Link

I’ve trained thousands of traders from every corner of the globe and I’m on a mission to help a select group get to the next level of success in 2015. Experienced astute traders quickly point out that “it’s not how much you profit from a trade but how consistently you take profits while controlling risk” and I agree. The trading systems developed at RiosQuant not only allow struggling traders to become successful, they were developed to dramatically increase trading efficiency while reducing stress.

My mission is to show you how to keep more profits from your trading. You’ve observed it in our live trading room where so far in January we’ve executed 33 trades, 27 profitable with only 6 losing trades.

Don’t take my word for it, come and hear what other traders are saying. I’m extending an invitation for you to “drop in” to our Insiders Round Table meet up where members share what’s hot and what’s working. Imagine yourself sitting in our strategy room eavesdropping on everything we say. Not only will you get the latest trading ideas, you’ll have a chance to ask questions of myself, my team and anyone else that’s dropped by.

Come join us on Friday at 11 am ET, here is the registration link:

I’m here for you, let’s make 2015 your most successful trading year ever!

Joe Rios – Rios Quantitative LLC