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Name: Jim Gasson

Home town: Falls Church, Virginia USA

Job Title: Trader Jim & Daddy Dog

Trading since: 1997 – 2003; I took a break from trading to pursue another business endeavor in ‘03; Resumed trading in ’12.

Preferred markets to trade: Gold, Natural Gas, Soy, Yen & Swiss Franc Futures

Favorite approach to trading: Momentum & trend following in a software identified 5 Wave Elliott Pattern, which is contained within the RiosQuant Gnos levels template.

Main strategy utilized: 1) Market Selection: Determining the highest probability instruments to trade based on market sentiment & correlation; 2) In either an uptrend, or downtrend, catching an identified wave 3, or wave 5, within an Elliott Pattern (on a 3 or 5 minute chart), using a break of the RQ 2 or 7 channel, as the primary trigger.

Last trade: Profitable long trade on the YM (2 contracts) on Full Moon Friday (Valentine’s Day), February 14

Most memorable trade: A recent $2,220 profit on a Gold short during the Tokyo into London sessions. The profit was nice, however, what made the trade so memorable for me was the experience I had hours beforehand, of seeing in great detail, how the trade would play out in my mind’s eye. Wish that experience happened with every trade!

Biggest Challenge: Not trading from any level of a fear-based mindset. From whatever level we do that, I believe we invite a reflection of that in our trading:
1. Fear of Loss
2. Fear of Missing Out
3. Fear of Letting a Profit Turn into a Loss
4. Fear of Being Wrong (not being right/perfectionism)

Primary ambition: Consistent profits

jim g

RiosQuant member since: October, 2012