The Week Ahead – Focusing on the Bond Market for Direction by Joe Rios

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Natural Gas 4.1% and Wheat 2.1% were last week’s outperformers while Crude Oil -2.2%  closed the week as the underperformer. It was an exciting week in the currency market with the Japanese Yen gaining 2.1% in short covering mode and as the Nikkei lost -6.9%. I will continue to keep my eyes on Japan.  Having the third-largest economy in the world and the fact that they started a global currency war merits special attention. The S&P 500 was under pressure with the Financials -2.3%, Technology -2.3 and Utilities -2.9 as the worst performing sectors. With the month of May coming to a close, in the week ahead I will also focus on the bond market for direction and the equity indices for potential volatility.